My AV says my router is infected!

Hi Friends,

My Antivirus Says my router is infected. Can someone help please?

@Marcelo please.

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Hello @Russell18 And with permission

That antivirus you use?

You can upload a screenshot of that notification?

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You are a victim to a DNS Poisoning attack.

You need to reset your router to factory default settings pushing his back button with a little stick after dissinfection.

If your internet connection are managed by a custom DNS server located into your network (work or corporate network) you need to dissinfect this first.

Proceed to dissinfect your own computers and others network devices whith the network down to prevent a new malware spread.

For this case you need live dissinfection solutions like Karpersky Rescue Disk, Eset Sys Rescue o DR Web Administrator Medkit.

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Herrante, thank you! I am on a home network and I am totally convinced now of this. I found this post online and it says the same as you do. I just needed a confirmation of the same thank you. I will go ahead and reset the router now itself. Thanks again!

Your problem is the same, proceed to apply the especified in the article and my last post to guarantee a full dissinfection.

To prevent this type of attacks edit the default credential of your router and be carefull with visit supicious web sites.

Apply a script blocker in your browser like NoScript + Addblock or ScriptSafe if you go to suspicious sites to prevent injection or remote command via exploit attacks.